All You Need to Know About DSTV Installation Price: How Much is to Install DSTV and the Cost of DSTV Installation in Johannesburg, South, Joburg, JHB, Pretoria, East, Durban, Cape Town

All You Need to Know About DSTV Installation Price: How Much is to Install DSTV and the Cost of DSTV Installation in Johannesburg, South, Joburg, JHB, Pretoria, East, Durban, Cape Town

Are you looking for the best DStv installation price in 2024? Here’s everything you need to know about DStv installation costs in Johannesburg, South, Joburg, JHB, Pretoria, East, Durban and Cape Town. Understanding the DStv installation charges will help you get your DStv connected quickly and affordably.

DStv installation prices can vary. In Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, and Cape Town, the average DStv installation price ranges between R500 and R1500. The DStv installation fee includes setting up the dish, the decoder, and connecting your DStv.

For a basic DStv installation, you might spend around R500. This covers the basic installation but doesn’t include extras like the Explora installation. If you want the DStv Explora, the installation prices can go up to R1500. Always ask for a detailed breakdown of the cost of DStv installation from your DStv installer.

If you are in Johannesburg, look for trusted DStv Installers Johannesburg. They offer competitive DStv installation prices Johannesburg. In Durban, the DStv installation prices Durban are similar, ensuring you get good value.

Sometimes, you might need DStv Repairs. This can add to the overall DStv installation costs. Check if your installation comes with a warranty to cover any DStv Repairs.

Wondering how much is to install DStv? Here’s a tip: Some providers offer an installation voucher. This can reduce the DStv installation price in South Africa.

Also, keep an eye on the latest DStv Packages 2024. Choosing a package like DStv compact might come with special installation prices.

For any DStv installation needs, whether it’s in Joburg, Pretoria, or Cape Town, you can always contact us for local DStv installers. They will provide you with the best DStv installation prices near me.

Get your DStv installed today and enjoy seamless TV connection!

DStv Installation Costs Uncovered: The Real Story

DStv Installation Costs Uncovered: The Real Story

DStv installation prices can surprise you. They change with different factors, like your location and the package you choose.

Key Factors That Influence DStv Installation Prices: A Beginner’s Guide

Location plays a big role in setting the cost for DStv installations. Prices go up or down based on how far you live from the installer. For example, getting your DStv set up in Johannesburg might cost differently than in Cape Town.

The type of equipment you need also affects the price. A simple HD receiver might not hit your wallet as hard as a fancy Explora decoder.

The complexity of your setup can really change what you pay for installation.

I once had an extra view added to my basic package, and the price bumped up because it needed special wiring and more time to install. Choosing between different decoders and dishes means thinking about both upfront costs and what you’ll spend over time.

Installers near me often offer deals or bundles that include some equipment, making it easier to manage costs.

Different DStv Packages and Their Prices

Deciding on the right DStv package can be simple. Let’s look at their offerings and prices.

Package Name Number of Channels Monthly Price 
DStv Premium 150+ R829
DStv Compact Plus 135+ R539
DStv Compact 120+ R409
DStv Family 80+ R295
DStv Access 65+ R115
DStv EasyView 30+ R29

Each package offers a mix of entertainment, sports, news, and kid’s shows. The “DStv Premium” package is the top option with over 150+ channels, ideal for those who don’t want to miss out on anything. The “DStv EasyView” package suits those on a tight budget, offering over 30 channels.

From my experience, the “DStv Compact” provides a balanced mix. With over 120+ channels, it’s perfect for most families, offering a variety for every member. This table simplifies your choice based on what matters to you: variety and cost.

Tips for Finding Reliable DStv Installers Near You

Here are ways to ensure you get a reliable service.

  1. Ask around – Your friends and family might have used an installer they were happy with. Personal recommendations are gold because they come from experience.
  2. Check online reviews – Websites and social media can be great for finding reviews on DStv installers in your area. Look for ones with high ratings and read what others have said about their service.
  3. Ensure they’re accredited – Only use DStv Accredited Installers. This means they’ve been checked out by DStv and have the right skills.
  4. Request quotes – Get several price estimates from different installers. This will give you a good idea of the going rates and help you spot any that are too low or too high.
  5. Ask questions – When you talk to installers, ask them about their experience, how long they’ve been working with DStv systems, and if they offer guarantees on their work.
  6. Look at their work – If possible, see if you can look at some of the work they’ve done in your area. It’s one thing to hear they’re good; it’s another to see it for yourself.
  7. Professionalism counts – Notice how timely and professional they are in your interactions before the job starts. It often reflects on how they’ll handle the installation itself.
  8. Get everything in writing – Once you decide on an installer, make sure you get a detailed quote or contract that outlines what’s included in the price, so there are no surprises.

I once had an installer set up my new Explora decoder, who came highly recommended by a neighbour. He was quick, explained everything he was doing, and even gave me tips on how to get better reception during bad weather.

How Much Does It Cost? DSTV Decoders and Installation Services

Curious about the cost of getting a DStv box and setting it up? Prices vary, but we’ve got the scoop on what you’ll likely spend.

Installation Prices for DStv Explora

Installing a DStv Explora decoder comes with its set of costs. For the full setup, which includes the latest model, 90cm satellite dish and Smart LNB accessory, prices can vary. The exact amount depends on your installer but expect to pay more for this advanced device than for basic models.

Tips: To save some cash, look out for specials or deals that bundle the DStv Explora Ultra—it has streaming services built-in—with installation. Always ask your installer if there are any promotions available.

This could mean getting more features and channels without paying extra.

What It Costs to Install a DStv Dish

The price for a DStv dish installation can differ, but it often ranges between R350 to R400 if you’re adding extra viewing points. This cost covers the setup of a metal satellite dish kit essential for catching all those channels.

The exact fee depends on where you live and who does the job. Finding a deal from installers might save some cash since they sometimes bundle services at a lower cost.

Good deals make better views.

Complete Costs for DStv Decoder and Installation

Moving on from just the dish installation, getting a full setup with a DStv decoder and installation combined brings its own price tag. Prices vary widely based on the type of decoder—be it a basic HD model or the more advanced Explora.

Typically, you’re looking at spending anywhere from R350 to R400 for an extra view addition. Most times, these Price Lock deals come with both the decoder and professional fitting services included.

For those eyeing up an Explora PVR decoder, expect to pay more due to its upgraded features over the standard HD PVR option. It’s worth noting that special offers often pop up. These can include not just the gadget and setup service but also installation vouchers available at select retail outlets.

This makes it easier than ever to find a deal that suits your budget while ensuring your new entertainment system is up and running smoothly without any hassle.

Standard Costs for DStv Installation

Standard Costs for DStv Installation

Finding out how much you need to pay for getting DStv can be simple. Check our guide and get all the details on standard installation fees!

Average DStv Installation Fees

Below is a straightforward table showing the average fees for DStv installations. Prices can vary, but this gives you a solid start.

Don’t forget, installations usually last between 2-4 hours.

Service Average Cost 
DStv Extra View Installation R350 – R400
Standard DStv Decoder Installation R350 – R400
DStv Explora Installation Varies based on requirements
Satellite Dish Installation Varies based on location and dish size

These figures are averages. Exact prices depend on your installer and any additional equipment or services required.

City-by-City Comparison of DStv Installation Fees

Prices for DStv setup vary from city to city across South Africa. Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban each have their costs, making it vital to check local rates.

Costs in Major Centres: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban

Exploring the costs of DStv installation across South Africa’s major cities reveals interesting variations. Here’s a quick look at what customers might expect to pay in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

City Basic Installation with Single Decoder Complex Installation with Multiple Decoders
Johannesburg R500 – R700 Up to R1500
Cape Town R550 – R750 Up to R1600
Durban R500 – R700 Up to R1400

Keep in mind, that prices can vary based on the specifics of your installation needs.

2024 DStv Installation Pricing: What’s New?

Prices are changing in 2024 for DStv installations. Check out the updated costs and what’s included.

New Installation Prices for DStv

The updated DStv installation prices for 2024 are out. Fans can expect a bit of a price hike from 1 April, with increases between 3.1% and 7.8%. This means installing your favourite TV service might cost more, depending on your chosen package—be it Premium, Compact, or Access. Every choice has its new price tag.

Looking at the different packages and setup options helps you pick what fits your budget best. The updated table shows all you need to know about these changes in costs for installations across South Africa.

How Are DStv Installation Charges Calculated?

DStv installation charges depend on a few things. First, the equipment you need plays a big part. Whether it’s for a basic setup or something more advanced like an Explora decoder affects the price.

Next, what services the installer has to do can change costs too. This might include setting up your connection, fitting a satellite dish, or sorting out DStv relocations.

Your location also makes a difference in how much you pay. Installing DStv in big cities like Johannesburg or Cape Town could cost more than in smaller areas. The time it takes to install impacts fees as well.

Most installations take between 2-4 hours.

How to Cut Costs on Your DStv Installation

Here’s how you can cut costs on your DStv installation:

  1. Compare Prices: Don’t just settle for the first installer you find. Compare prices of different DStv installers in areas like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. You might find better deals.
  2. Ask for Special Offers: Some installers have special deals, especially for new customers or during certain times of the year. Don’t hesitate to ask.
  3. Choose the Right Package: Not all DStv packages are priced equally. Select the package that fits your watching habits without paying more for channels you won’t watch.
  4. DIY Where Possible: If you’re handy, consider doing some simple setup tasks yourself. You can save on labour costs but make sure not to void your warranty.
  5. Group Installations: If your neighbours also want DStv, consider arranging for group installations. Installers often offer discounts for multiple installations at nearby locations.
  6. Skip Unnecessary Extras: While extra services like advanced dish alignment or additional TV points are nice, think about if you need them. Stick to what’s essential for your setup.
  7. Use Promotions: Keep an eye out for promotions on decoders and dishes from retailers. Buying equipment on sale can reduce the overall cost of installation.
  8. Negotiate Rates: Never accept the first quote as final—most installers have room to negotiate, especially if you’re opting for a full setup with high-end packages like Explora.
  9. Regular Maintenance Checks: Prevent costly repairs down the line by ensuring regular maintenance checks are carried out efficiently; this keeps your system running smoothly without sudden failures that demand urgent and expensive fixes.
  10. Opt For Bundled Services: Sometimes, installers offer bundled services including installation, decoder price reductions, and after-sales support at a lower combined cost than purchasing these services separately.

Estimating Costs for Satellite Dish Installation

Estimating Costs for Satellite Dish Installation

Estimating the cost for satellite dish installation starts with looking at the prices of key parts like the Twin LNB, which can range from R320.00 to R450.00. Labour costs play a big part too, costing between R420.00 to R750.00 per hour.

Knowing these figures helps set a budget.

For a standard 80cm dish in Cape Town, expect to pay around R1,500; larger dishes will cost more due to their size and complexity of installation. The full package deal at R950 includes setting up an HD decoder and a metal satellite dish kit—a good starting point for anyone planning to install DStv at home.

Client Experiences: Reviews and Testimonials

After exploring the costs involved in satellite dish installation, we move on to what customers say about their experiences. People often share how they felt about the service provided by DStv installers.

Many reviews highlight the skills and knowledge of these professionals. Customers appreciate when installers show up on time, work efficiently, and make sure everything works perfectly before leaving.

The installer was friendly, explained everything clearly, and left us with a great picture quality.

This feedback shows that choosing an accredited DStv installer makes a big difference. Happy clients often talk about the smooth process from start to finish. They value clear communication and the peace of mind that comes with expert help.

Finding the Best Promotions on DStv Installations

Keep an eye out for promotions that make installation cheaper and easier.

  1. Check the DStv website regularly. They post new deals frequently.
  2. Look for Installation vouchers. These can knock a big chunk off the price.
  3. Sign up for Price Lock deals. This way, your costs won’t go up suddenly.
  4. Buy decoders that come with installation included. It’s often cheaper this way.
  5. Search for Spaceview offers. They have great dish set up specials.
  6. Use the online tool on DStv’s site to find accredited installers near you.
  7. Read reviews online before choosing an installer. Happy customers often share where they found good deals.
  8. Ask friends and family about their experiences. They might know about current promotions.

I used these tips when searching for my own DStv setup. I found a fantastic deal through a friend’s recommendation!


1. How much does DStv installation cost?

The cost of DStv installation varies, depending on your location and the package you choose. Prices range from city to city, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, and Durban.

2. What’s included in a full DStv installation?

A full DStv installation includes setting up the dish, decoder, and all necessary accessories to get your service up and running.

3. Can I find special prices for DStv Explora installations?

Yes! Look out for DStv Explora installation specials that often include reduced prices or added benefits.

4. Are there different prices for installing in Bloemfontein compared to East London or Sandton?

Indeed – each area might have its set pricing based on local installers’ rates and the specific requirements of the setup.

5. How do I locate a nearby installer for my new DStv connection?

To find an installer near you, check online directories or contact customer service; they’ll point you towards accredited technicians in areas like Pretoria, East London, Sandton – wherever home is!

6. Does the price quoted include both the decoder and satellite dish?

In most cases – yes! The quoted price usually covers both the decoder and dish but confirm with your provider to avoid surprises.