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The Girl Child Movement Featured

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In honour of the first ever International Girl Child Day on the 11th October, we’ve decided to feature one of our very own South African organisations, that focuses specifically on the Girl Child

 The Girl Child Movement started off in the early 80's with a Girl Child Campaign within the structure of the Children's Movement at raising awareness about the problems experienced by girls especially at the hands of males.

 In November 2002 they attended a Girl Child Conference hosted by NAWA (Namibian’s Woman association). The whole aim of the Conference was girls in SADC (Southern African Development Community) countries to share experiences and exchange ideas. This motivated the start of a Girl Child Organisation (GCO) which forms part of a big network- African Girl Child Movement.

 They have a vision to become part of a broader network of girl on the African Continent and Internationally had driven them to re-launch the Girl Child Organisation to a Girl Child Movement (GCM) nationally on the 01 December 2006.

 The main aim of the Girl Child Movement is to empower the girl children as members of the Movement and in general. They hope to harness all the good qualities girls have as individuals and as a group to build a better world for girls and the broader community, some of the ways they do this is to get girls to discuss and find solutions to the challenges and difficulties they are faced with and o help girls to organize and conduct awareness programmes on issues such as male dominance, development of sexuality within the human body, etc. Their campaigns include advocacy and lobbying, anti-bullying, ant-sexism and anti-racism. They believe that if we empower girls now, we will secure a better future. A message echoed by civil society and governements globally.


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