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Saturday, 13 October 2012 08:18

Children's TV Ads

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childrenCHEESE has won a reprieve -- meaning advertisements for it will not be banned during children's television programmes. But ads for crisps, biscuits, pizza, butter, mayonnaise, soft drinks, most breakfast cereals, burgers and chips will be banned during children's TV hours, and restricted the rest of the time. The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has announced tough advertising controls on foods high in fat, sugar or salt.


However, it said that following a recommendation from the Department of Health, cheese will be exempted from the ban. Instead, adverts for cheese will have to include a message showing the recommended daily consumption limit for cheese -- which is one matchbox-sized portion of 28g. As well as the ban during children's TV hours, ads outside of these times aimed at youngsters will not be allowed to feature celebrities, sports stars or cartoon characters such as Peppa Pig. They will also be banned from including any health or nutrition claims or promotional offers. Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte hailed as "commonsense" the decision to exempt cheese from the ad ban. Safefood, which promotes healthy eating, said it hoped "that no future exemptions to these rules will be made  




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