Each of our programmes works with, supports and draws on other programme areas to do its work and achieve its objectives, which in turn flow into the organisational goals.
ChildNet – contributing to policy decisions at all levels of society and building strategic alliances.

Children's Rights Practice – empowering and encouraging individuals and organisations to put children's rights into practice through training and support.
Child Participation – creating awareness of issues around child participation and supporting organisations to practice ethical and meaningful child participation.

Play Rights – advocating for play as a right, and providing practical training and support to those seeking to include play in the lives of children.
HIV/AIDS – advocating for and supporting the rights of children in the context of HIV/AIDS, especially through the Yezingane Network.
Information and Materials Development – producing and distributing information and advocacy resources on children's rights.
These interlinking programme areas have evolved during our work, and reflect the urgent needs of the children in our country, and our intent to make their rights a reality in an integrated, efficient and coherent way.